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Principles of Agriculture

Course Description: Principles of Agricultural Sciences is designed to develop the basic theories and principles involved in animal science, agribusiness, agricultural mechanics, and natural resource management. The standards prepare students to choose among agricultural careers for the 21st century.

In the class students will:

1. Explain the importance of agriculture in society.

2. Evaluate the theories of animal science as they pertain to the following areas: animal’s role in the ecology, animal anatomy and taxonomy, nutrition, facilities, basic genetics and reproduction and identification and functions of basic livestock breeds.

3. Summarize the basic principles involved in agribusiness, including record keeping, leadership, principles of supply and demand and associated agribusiness careers.

4. Determine the fundamental relationships of wildlife populations and environmental conditions in our natural habitats.

5. Investigate the principles involved in soil structure and formation, plant taxonomy, soil conservation and water quality, soil and plant relationships and ecology.

6. Utilize mathematical computations and agricultural lab equipment for basic agricultural construction.

7. Demonstrate premier leadership and personal growth in the area of Fundamentals of Agriculture.


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